CofE Norwich Diocese The Briningham Benefice

Church Services

September 3rd 9.30amThornageHoly Communion(BCP)
  9.30amStodyMorning Worship
 11.00amBrininghamMorning Worship
September 10th 9.30amBriningham VHMorning Worship
  9.30amBrintonMorning Worship
 11.00amSwanton NoversHoly Communion(BCP)
September 17th 9.30amStodyHoly Communion
 10.30amThornageMorning Worship
 11.00amBrininghamHoly Communion(BCP)
September 24th11.00amSwanton NoversMorning Worship
 11.00amBurgh PavaHoly Communion(BCP)
 6.00pmBrintonHarvest Evensong
October 1st 9.30amThornageHoly Communion(BCP)
October 8th 9.30amBrintonHoly Communion(BCP)
  6.00pmSwanton NoversHarvest
October 15th 9.30amStodyHoly Communion
 11.00amBrininghamHoly Communion(BCP)
October 22nd 9.30amBrintonHoly Communion(BCP)
 11.00amSwanton NoversMorning Worship
October 29th10.30amHunworthBenefice Holy Communion

BCP = 1662 Book of Common Prayer, other services are in modern language.

Readings for September
Readings for October

Briningham St Maurice Hunworth St Lawrence Swanton Novers St Edmund
Brinton St Andrew Stody St Mary Thornage All Saints