Briningham Benefice

Sunday Services

Feb 2nd 9.30amStodyMorning Prayer
 11.00amThornageHoly Communion (BCP)
Feb 9th 9.30amBrintonHoly Communion (BCP)
 11.00amHunworth Village HallFamily
Feb 16th 9.30amSwanton NoversMorning Prayer
 11.00amBrininghamHoly Communion (BCP)
Feb 23rd11.00amStody Benefice Holy Communion
March 1st 9.30 amStodyHoly Communion
 11.00 amThornageMorning Prayer
March 8th9.30 amBrintonMorning Prayer
 11.00 amHunworthHoly Communion (BCP)
March 15th 9.30 amSwanton NoversMorning Prayer
 11.00 amBrininghamHoly Communion (BCP)
March 22nd11.00 amBrininghamMothering Sunday service
March 29th11.00 amBrintonBenefice Holy Communion

BCP = 1662 Book of Common Prayer
other services are in modern language.

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