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In Touch

The magazine ("In Touch") is distributed free to all 460 homes in the benefice.

Click below to download the latest edition (July 2020).

In Touch

Previous editions:
June 2020
May 2020

Items for inclusion in the August magazine to by 14th of July.

From the Editorial Team

December's In Touch was the last one edited by Hazel Mindham. All readers of the magazine have good reason to thank her and the late Maureen Kenyon for all the often thankless work they put in to make the magazine as welcoming, accurate and interesting as it was.

The magazine has been printed and distributed for many years by Joe Ashley. He too deserves the gratitude of all those who have received and enjoyed In Touch.

Now In Touch is passing into other hands. The Friends of Thornage have volunteered to take the magazine over for a trial period of the next six months. This does not mean it is a magazine for Thornage or centred on Thornage. It is emphatically a magazine for all six parishes.

This is a skeletal issue. Next month we hope to produce a magazine with more content, more news and more to interest. There are many possibilities about the kind of magazine In Touch might be. Issues of methods of production and distribution are still to be resolved. We would welcome any suggestions by email to the magazine;

Better still, join the steering group and make your ideas count.

If the magazine is to survive it must reflect the diversity of life in all the parishes of the benefice. To this end we need month by month news and information. It is hoped that we can find a correspondent in each parish who will keep the magazine up to date with what is going on. Some people have already volunteered but there are still plenty of vacancies. Do please contact us if you would like to have a try at this role. We would also welcome news and views, articles, stories or anything that brings to life where we all live.

In Touch has been a most useful guide to life in our village communities that can seem isolated. It would be a sad loss to us if it disappeared and that is a very real possibility. With your help we can make this work, strengthen the ties between our villages and produce a first-rate magazine. Join us.

In Touch Steering Group

Briningham St Maurice Hunworth St Lawrence Swanton Novers St Edmund
Brinton St Andrew Stody St Mary Thornage All Saints

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