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Brinton Photo Quiz 2018

We launched this light-hearted competition in March - an A3 sheet with 144 pictures of more or less famous people to identify, from a broad spectrum of careers, countries and eras. Brinton has over the years lost its pub, shop and school, leaving our interesting medieval church (note the pew ends, the scratch sundials) as the sole focus at the centre of village life, for secular and sacred use; but it needs about £40,000 of maintenance and repair work, so…

Thank you to all who bought a sheet, and a bigger THANK YOU to those who bought two! Also to kind neighbours in Brinton, friends and relations who helped sell the sheets, and enormous gratitude to businesses who took multiple copies - especially A Cut Ahead in Holt, also The Creek's End in Kingsbridge, P&S Butchers in Holt and The Dun Cow in Salthouse; and to the many people who gave extra donations, gave without taking a sheet, or sent more cash and notes of appreciation for the 'endless hours of fun and frustration!'. Together we have raised over £5,600 to help keep our village church in good repair - WOW!!

Hundreds managed to send their sheets back from far-flung corners of the country (Carlisle to Cromer; Spalding to Salcombe; Huntingdon, Honiton and Hunstanton; Dorking to Dorset; Sheringham, Birmingham and Uppingham - and oh so many more!), even if not completed: and all have been marked! This was a challenging array of images, and anyone scoring over 100 did well, over 120 very well. I was very forgiving of partial names (Einstein, Malala), some terrible spelling (my particular favourites being Florence Nigtingle and Claudia Frangipane), but less so for muddling Williams, Simpson or Geldof family members. Several pictures had clues - 22 King Harold (arrow), 29 St Catherine (wheel), 71 Hugh Masekela (trumpet), and 107 Elizabeth David (wooden spoons). The most common misidentities were 45 Paul Pogba (in fact Mario Balotelli), 119 Wendy Craig (Anita Brookner), and some hilarious alter egos for politicians - 54 Ed Sheeran (actually Angela Merkel), 73 Joe Cocker (Jeremy Corbyn), and 123 Princess Di (Theresa May). The internet is a mixed blessing: quite a few thought 139 was a woman called Penny Black.

Nobody managed to get all 144 - though every single picture WAS correctly identified by somebody (even the photos I took myself!). Some were extremely difficult, and only recognised by a few - very well done to anyone who spotted Dame Mary Perkins, founder of Specsavers (13), Carole Boyd, aka Lynda Snell in the 'Archers' (80), haute couturier Oscar de la Renta (122) and infamous axeman of the railways Dr Richard Beeching (128). But the most testing were 105 - renowned wit and PM's wife Margot Asquith; and two that were connected, 57 - Marianne Ihlen, muse and lover of 100 - Leonard Cohen (this latter recognised by only one respondent, Lilia Baderau (sp?) *special gold star!).

The Winners

When all had been counted, and the top dozen or so contenders re-counted at least three times to make sure, there were five entries that tied in first place with 139 correct answers (and they weren't the same 139!). As per the rules on the sheets, the winner was drawn from a (large) hat - so the £100 first prize goes to Tim & Irene Loseby of Holt - congratulations! However, it seemed too unfair to pick again for the second prize, so we have decided to award all the other four top scorers with equal second prizes of £20 each: congratulations to Alison Cook of Briningham, Keith & Lizzie Beswick of Swanton Novers, Katherine Lord of West Beckham, and Ian Cook of Holt. No prizes but plenty of kudos to the following very close runners up - Stephen Carter (138), Lilia Baderau (as above, 137), Sheila Parks (136), Rose Waits (also 136), Stephen Fearn (135), John & Mary Lintott (134), Phil & Nicki Marshall (also 134), Josh Piper (131) and Mary Wolley (130).

The full list of the answers: Click here.

Briningham St Maurice Hunworth St Lawrence Swanton Novers St Edmund
Brinton St Andrew Stody St Mary Thornage All Saints

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